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                                       Please read below some useful tips on online payment security

1. Look for encrypted URLs, which have "https" instead of the simple "http" at the beginning of the URL. The "s"    indicates digital transmissions originating from the site (such as your credit card information, which is sent to the payment gateway) is encrypted and secure. A reputable online retailer will encrypt the site page where you enter all your payment information.

2. While doing the transaction, if the browser is not supported as per security certificate then Click Continue ...for Proceed.

3. Leave the site if you receive a pop-up from your computer or anti-virus software warning you the site may be harmful to your computer.

4. Use security software designed to keep malware away from infecting your computer. Be sure to regularly install all recommended updates to ensure the latest security patches are installed.

5. Avoid clicking on any dubious or spam links on the website, which may be phishing for your personal information or forward you to potentially harmful websites.

6. Use a current, updated browser that supports private and secure online transactions.

7. When in doubt, don't make online payments on a website that you deem questionable!

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